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At Nation First Academy, we follow a holistic approach towards personality development of candidates to prepare them for the SSB Interview.
We also provide personality development training to school students.


Our aim is to develop following aspects of an individual’s personality to equip them to be successful at the SSB and also impart life-skills in a holistic manner.

  • Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills

Our COURSES are aimed at Personality Development and Aptitude Development, Team Building, Leadership Skills and Soft Skills Development.

The main focus of Nation First Academy is its specialized and result oriented preparation for SSB Coaching, ie ‘Two Stage Selection System' currently in vogue at the Selection Centres. The training at Nation First Academy follows the systematic approach of training, evaluation and personalized feedback.

Why Us

Highly Experienced and Qualified Assessors
One of the very few SSB training institutes which boasts of well qualified (DIPR trained) and experienced ASSESSORS across all the three techniques used at the SSB ie Psychological Tests, Group Tasks and a Behavioural Interview which are all used for Personality Assessment and Selection of Officers for the Armed Forces. Each of our Qualified Assessors has over 22+ years of uniformed service as Commissioned Officers in the Armed Forces and over 7 years as Panel members across various SSB Boards across India.
Excellent Infrastructure
Our training facility has state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Genuine Enhancement of Qualities
We give emphasis of training on genuine enhancement of officer like qualities, and not on template type coaching, as is being encouraged in many other SSB coaching academies.

Personalized Training
We provide personalized training with a system of wholesome feedback to every individual at the end of each task.

How Can we help SSB Aspirants

SSB is not exactly a knowledge intensive exam, it is more of a psychology oriented exam, and an exhaustive process related to personality assessment over five days conducted at any one of the SSB centres Pan-India. You cannot shape and mould your personality within a tenure of a few weeks or months. It is your thoughts and actions that define it.

Having said that, it is but natural to question the efficacy of a coaching institute to clear an SSB.

What we can do however is to help candidates get familiar with the procedures and protocols of this recruitment and selection process which is unique to the Indian Armed Forces. We can help to make you aware of your latent qualities so that these are visible during SSB and thus increase your chances of selection.

Information available on the internet and certain books that claim to help are often misleading, because there is often lack of understanding about the holistic approach to selection, especially if the candidate does NOT have any background of psychology that is highlighted in the books / internet videos and other material.

Our endeavour throughout the process is to help candidates appreciate the right approach to various tests at the (Psychological battery of tests/ Group tasks and Interview) while helping them to preserve their originality so as to “Be Themselves, and to be able to PRESENT THE BEST OF THEMSELVES”. This for us is our core differentiator.

Through our training processes and individual attention to aspiring candidates who train with us, we aim to bring out the best in the individuals by familiarizing them with the process, giving them real time and hands-on experience first hand of all the tests and tasks and instilling a high degree of confidence about their own abilities to succeed at SSB.

Success Stories

Heartiest congratulations to our candidates who have been selected for the 142nd course of National Defence Academy commencing in June 2019 and to our candidates who have cleared the SSB Interview for the various entries into the Army / Navy / Air Force. Our faculty at Nation First Academy is proud to have mentored them for the selection process. We wish them the very best in their career in uniform and hope to see them scale even greater heights.


We conduct the following courses:
Dedicated SSB Training Module
(2 weeks)
Personality Development for Teens & Young Adults
(spanning 25-30 hours spread over 5 days)

A Training Session

Watch this video to get a glimpse into one of our training sessions:

Our Assessors

Brig Jay Konnur, SM ( Retd )

Ex President & IO, SSB

Brig Jay Konnur, SM has an MSc in Defence Studies from Madras University and served for 36 years in the Infantry. He commanded the Kargil Brigade during operations and was Commandant, Rajputana Rifles Regimental Centre, Delhi. He was trained as an Interviewing Officer at Defence Institute of Psychological Research, DRDO, Delhi. He later had a tenure as President and IO at Services Selection Board, Bangalore, where he interviewed more than 2000 candidates.

He has been conducting regular classes on Personality Development, Communication Skills, Time Management, Leadership and Team Building for more than a decade.

He was awarded SENA MEDAL for distinguished service in Kargil.



We have a well equipped hostel to cater to the accommodation needs of outstation students.

Even for local students, we strongly recommend a hostel stay, so as to help them give un-divided attention to their preparation for SSB and also to benefit from the opportunity of learning from a smart peer group through meaningful interactions over two weeks.